PLEASE NOTE! The Tower is closed between June 1. and August 31. 2019.

Byens bedste 2019


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Our dedicated team will go out of their way to make sure you enjoy your time with us. The tower kitchen is run by our head chef, two sous chefs, three chefs and 2-4 chefs in apprenticeships.

The driving forces behind our restaurant are:


Rene Hansen – head chef
Rene Hansen is the man in charge of our kitchen and menus. After spells at Bojesen’s renowned restaurant in the Opera , Rene took the reins in Tårnet. He makes sure the food is always modern, inspiring and unmistakably Danish.


Sarah Mee Poulsen – restaurant manager
Sarah is our manager of daily operations in Tårnet. She makes sure everything runs smoothly and maintains a high standard of service.


Rasmus Bo Bojesen – director and founder
Ramus Bo Bojesen has had a long-standing career as a chef and restaurateur. He worked at Michelin restaurants in France for some years during the 1990s and has since made it his mission and most distinguished characteristic to make memorable meals in Copenhagen. He is also behind the award-winning Oialla chocolate, which is made from wild cocoa beans from Bolivia.


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