Pigeons in the Tower is a site-specific installation in the Tower at Christiansborg Castle, created by the artist Eva Koch in 2015.

The tower room of Christiansborg Palace has always been used as a box room. Things piled up in here over the years and time stood still. When the Tower was built in 1918 it was open to the heavens, which made it popular with the city’s pigeons until it was finally roofed over.

Eva Koch envisaged the room as it was originally – a storage room – and has brought the pigeons back. So here they are, all the various breeds that have lived in the tower over the years. Pigeons are the link that bind different eras together. There have always been pigeons in the city, generation of children have awoken to their soft cooing, have seen the flocks gather over the square and take to the air with a clatter.

The pigeons is the oldest knowns tame bird and has been used as a message carrier for centuries. Its Danish name ‘due’ originates from the ancient Norse ‘dúfa’.

Pigeons live in the wild, but they are also found in myths, our collective memories, poems and images.



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