With its tower as a distinctive landmark, Christiansborg Palace can be seen from a great distance – it rises above the houses in central Copenhagen and occupies a prominent location in the city. Where Christiansborg Palace lies, there have been many different buildings down through the years. First, a bishop’s castle, then a castle with a prison keep and three different versions of Christiansborg Palace. The third, and present-day, Christiansborg Palace was built during the period 1907-1928.

Today, the Danish Parliament has most of the palace rooms at its disposal, including the tower. The Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court are also housed at Christiansborg. Over and above this, parts of the palace are at the disposal of the royal house. Queen Margrethe uses the Royal Reception Rooms at Christiansborg for official arrangements, such as state dinners, the New Year’s levée and audiences. Each part of the palace has its own entrance and it is not normally possible to move between the various parts indoors.

The Danish Parliament

You can also visit other parts of Christiansborg Palace when you visit the Tower. You can go on a conducted tour of the Danish Parliament. Conducted tours take place on Sundays, public holidays and school holidays. A guide will show you around and you can see the Lobby, the Landsting Hall, the Constitutional Acts and the Chamber. Tours are free of charge and can be booked in advance at You can also collect tickets on the day at the Visitors’ Entrance.

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Other sights to see in the palace

In addition to visiting the tower and the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg Palace is a treasure-house of tapestries, chandeliers, underground ruins, golden coaches and snow-white horses. Read more about the other attractions at the palace at

The Royal Receptions Rooms

The ruins beneath Christiansborg

The Royal Stables

The Queen’s tapestries

The Flora Danica Cabinet

Christiansborg Palace Chapel




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